Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ashes 5th test (Hard 2 days )

Jonathan Trott gave hope to england now it's with aussie to win the game. Jonathan Trott scored a century and swann scored
a quick 63 with a strike rate of 114.54. "History is against us," said North. "It's too early to look that far ahead,
because there's a lot of cricket to be played. What you'll see tomorrow is 11 guys who have got a lot of character to
show, and they are going to give everything for every contest for every over. Hopefully that can lay the foundation to
give us a chance.Aussie were 80/0 if they go at this rate they can taste sucess for sure
"The first objective was to get through tonight unscathed and Simon and Watto did that superbly,"
he said. "To walk off at 0 for 80, it's the position we needed to be in, if we can start well tomorrow, get to lunch,
and reassess things from there. It's a massive target to get, but the best thing we can do is not look too far ahead.
We've given ourselves the opportunity to have that target in sight at some stage."

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